Pastoral Care at Scotch Oakburn College is multifaceted and wide-ranging with a comprehensive staff structure of teachers, leaders, tutors, mentors and specialised mental-health care experts who each have ‘pastoral care’ as one of their key professional responsibilities. Our student’s pastoral needs are at the centre of the school’s operation. 

Short term, our pastoral care structure promotes and protects the wellbeing of our students and provides a strong safety net for the challenges of life. Each student is valued for who he or she is and is nurtured and supported personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically throughout their days at school. 

Communication is the key. Our systems for communicating pastoral concerns instantly through sophisticated software are established and our anti-bullying measures ensure everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not and who they can turn to if needed. Student’s know there is always someone at hand to assist them and parents are warmly encouraged to engage with staff about any concerns big or small. 

Genuine pastoral care is also long term. This involves a clear intent to provide activities, opportunities and strategies which develop resilience, empathy, tolerance and connectedness in our community. Our values-based programs do exactly this, as well as developing good habits and above all the values and moral dimension which will sustain an individual’s wellbeing throughout their life. 

Scotch Oakburn College’s Pastoral Care structure nurtures and envelops the students thus ensuring each student has the support and guidance needed to thrive in, and beyond, the College.