At Scotch Oakburn College, we are committed to providing a deep, trans-formative and engaging learning experience in pursuit of artistic excellence and innovation. We offer an absorbing education that fosters creativity, critical confidence and creative risk-taking. 

In Year 7, students will have the opportunity to participate in dance, drama and music productions under the direction of our team of highly skilled and experienced teachers, who are also practicing artists in their specialised fields. 

As well as teachers, the College engages with the wider community of practicing artists and writers, choreographers, musicians, designers, performers, actors, dancers and many more to help foster each student and their passion.  The College’s Visual and Performing Arts team are committed to delivering an experience that is practical in nature.

All music students choose from 25 instruments, are exposed to extensive choral, instrumental and ensemble programs and can choose to join choirs, ensembles and bands.  

Multiple performances throughout the year further develop skills as members of our String Orchestra, Concert Band and Stage Band.  We offer chamber and contemporary music groups including: String Quartets, Brass Ensembles, Flute Ensemble and Jazz and Vocal ensembles.  We also have our Middle School Dance Ensemble and all students are encouraged to participate in our biennial Middle School Production. 
In the Visual Arts, students engage with a range of studio areas including drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics. Students explore a variety of approaches to designing and making their artworks, inspired by exposure to the work of contemporary artists. This includes meeting our annual Artist in Residence and viewing exhibitions in the College’s s.p.a.c.e. Gallery. Students are encouraged to develop their confidence as artists and celebrate their work in our Middle School Arts Exhibition.

We encourage an atmosphere of trust and respect and a curiosity-driven approach to learning – one that values achievement, learns from failure and builds resilience for future challenges.