Sport plays an important role in the life of a Scotch Oakburn College student.

Participating in sport allows students to develop a higher self-esteem and a love of healthy recreation. 

Our sporting program, which starts in the Junior School and continues through the College. By participating in sport, students establish lasting friendships and acquire an understanding of the importance of working as a team. 

Students are encouraged to choose a sport that they will enjoy. Summer and winter team sports begin in Year 7. Summer sports include rowing, sailing, cricket, equestrian, cycling, softball, swimming, basketball, table tennis and tennis. Winter options include hockey, netball, Australian Rules Football, badminton and soccer. Students participate in a summer and winter sport, in addition to the cross country, swimming and athletics carnivals. 

A wide range of teams offer opportunities for students to participate at a level that they will find both challenging and rewarding.