SOC2City is an innovative, interdisciplinary learning journey for our Year 7 Explorers. Based off-campus, it provides a week long experience in a city campus environment. 

SOC2City is a classroom with no borders. It is a practical, real-life learning experience that knows no bounds. Of course, it incorporates all the essential aspects of Year 7 learning plus a whole lot more.

Students set off on a journey of discovery around the Launceston CBD, thinking creatively, seeking spaces for redevelopment and renewal. Working collaboratively, our explorers are challenged to decide how they can influence and improve the liveability of our city, positively impacting Launceston as a city of the future and the world as a better place to live. 

The SOC2City program contributed to the College being named
in The Educators Top 40 Innovative Schools in 2018.