Year 7 builds strong foundations in a dynamic year of learning.

It is a period of significant growth and development for children, and an important focus is building and maintaining a solid foundation of good habits, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to thrive.

In Year 7, students have a home base classroom with their core class where they have the majority of their classes. They begin to transition away from having one class teacher to having subject-specific teachers that come to their core classroom. This step helps prepare students for Year 8 and Senior School, where they increasingly move between different classrooms for each subject.

In Year 7, students spend about 75% of their time in their core classroom.  This reduces to about 65% in Year 8, as they take on more elective classes, and once in Year 9 in the Senior School, there is no core classroom.

Year 7 students are given increasing autonomy and are exposed to a variety of learning areas including food tech, textiles, applied tech, drama and art  in their learning. They develop their self-reliance and organisational skills under the guidance of their tutor and class teachers.

Programs such as SOC2City, where the students are off-campus and working on projects in small groups, also helps to develop their independence, self-regulation and ability to work well with others.

Students are supported by a range of staff to positively manage their own wellbeing and to develop the decision-making skills and character attributes that will stand them in good stead as they progress into the senior years and beyond.